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What are the Most Common Pests in the UK?

Pest Control Stevenage

The requirement for pest control in the UK is on the increase as we see the number of callouts rise and the number of companies offering pest control services increase every year. There are many pests which cause problems and distress to homeowners and tenants, here we will ook at some of the most common […]

Environmental Clean-up of Fox Faeces

Pest Control Stevenage - Fox_Mess

Foxes have become a significant pest problem in towns and cities due to built up areas providing a steady supply of food from our rubbish bins and poorly managed waste disposal facilities. Foxes have been known to attack and kill small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. They’re digging can destroy our gardens […]

Preparation for Pests is Best

Winter Pest Preparation - Repari missing mortar in brickwork

Finding a wasps nest in your loft or seeing a mouse scurry across your kitchen can be very distressing. We often think that if we find pests in our house that we are dirty and become embarrassed. Pests are opportunists and will take advantage of any weaknesses in our property such as holes or cracks […]

Looking for Pest Control in Stevenage?

Pest Control Stevenage - Squirrels

Furbegone Pest Control in Stevenage are a family run business with over 15 years of expertise in pest control. Our vast experience means we are equipped to deal with all kinds of pests efficiently and effectively. We deal with everything from insects such as bed bugs, to mice and rats as well as larger animals […]

How do you keep rats from coming up your drains?

Pest Control Stevenage - Non Return Valves fitted to Stop Rats

Believe it or not, rats can enter your home through the sewer system and up through your toilet! Although, not very common, it does happen and it can be very unpleasant! Rats want to enter your home in search of food or a place to shelter from the cold and will find their way in […]

Bait Boxes for Rats Installed at a Property in Stevenage

Furbegone Pest Control Stevenage - Rat Bait Box

Installing bait boxes for rats and mice is an effective way to prevent infestations of rodents in and around your home. Bait boxes are used commercially too as they provide protection to offices and warehouses from rodents. Bait Boxes and Types of Bait Installing bait boxes for rats should be done by a pest control […]

FurBeGone Pest Control – Pest Control for Stevenage and Surrounding Areas

Pest Control Stevenage

Who are FurBeGone Pest Control? We are a family run business offering reliable and fast pest control in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Our team of specialists provide affordable services to domestic and business customers. We also offer a 24-hour emergency response if required. Trusted and Reliable Pest Control Service FurBeGone Pest Control is a trusted name for […]

How Can You Stop Mice Getting into Your House?


During the winter months, mice are common pests as they come inside our homes to find food and warmth. Although they might seem harmless, mice can spread diseases and cause damage to your property. How to spot the signs of mice It’s not always easy to spot the signs of mice especially as they usually […]

Eradicate Problem Pests with FurBeGone Pest Control

Pest Control for Ants Stevenage - ants drinking

Pests will always be a part of our lives as Humans provide resources that pests need to survive. Humans have lived on earth for millions of years and all the time, have been surrounded by pests. Why are Animals and Insects Pests? Animals and Insects become pests when they inhabit our property and cause disruption […]

Using Bait Boxes to Control Rodents

FurBeGone Pest Control Rat and Mouse Bait Boxes

Bait boxes are a great way of dealing with rodents around your property. Rats and mice will often trawl the outside of buildings looking for food and shelter. Bait boxes are small plastic boxes which can be filled with poison blocks or pellets. How do Bait Boxes Work? Rodents looking for food, will be attracted […]

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