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What are the Most Common Pests in the UK?

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The requirement for pest control in the UK is on the increase as we see the number of callouts rise and the number of companies offering pest control services increase every year.

There are many pests which cause problems and distress to homeowners and tenants, here we will ook at some of the most common UK pests.

Bed Bugs

Often people talk about bed bugs as if they are a myth, but if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have had an infestation you will know it is far from that. Bed bugs are tiny creatures but cause a lot of distress and disruption. They can easily hide in small cracks or burrow into mattresses, laying their eggs and only creeping out at night when you are asleep to feed on your blood. Their bites often leave itchy red bumps on your skin, and they will quite often bite many times during one feed.


As a nation of animal lovers, we often suffer consequences for the love of our pets. Cats and Dogs are well known for being hosts to fleas and if our pets are not treated regularly with flea treatment the infestation can easily spread to our homes. Fleas can lie dormant in our carpets and soft furnishings for months at a time, so they can be very hard to remove.


Rats and Mice are common pests, if you live in the countryside or the city it makes no difference, they are everywhere. They will enter our properties through the tiniest of holes in search of food and shelter. Quite often, rats or mice will enter because they can smell food, precautions should be taken to keep food in jars or sealed packaging, Both can spread disease so dealing with them promptly is vital.


Pigeons and other birds can be a pest as they search for somewhere to nest. Trees close to your property or holes around your roof line can give them this opportunity. They will also take the opportunity to perch on ledges or roof lines around your property. Birds can cause unwanted mess and their faeces can cause damage due to its corrosive properties if left uncleaned.


The most common complaint about flies is their general annoyance due to their presence during warmer periods. They tend to be attracted to us when we are eating or preparing food and they are thought of as dirty due to their behaviour. There are different types of flies and some carry disease causing organisms. Flies feed on our waste and can spread disease to our food when they land on it. Flies defecate and regurgitate as part of their feeding process and this as well as sounding disgusting is also the main reason they can spread disease causing pathogens to our food.


Cockroaches can carry and spread disease as they scurry around our food preparation areas. They carry bacteria capable of causing food poisoning to humans and they also emit a horrible smell which can taint our food. Cockroaches like to live in dark areas where they can hide easily but also access food and water. They can be hard to spot unless they are moving around during the daytime.


Ants will enter through tiny cracks or holes and once in, they will quickly build a nest and the colony will follow making them difficult to remove. Ants are a nuisance in your home, but  they aren’t known to pose a health risk. Ants are looking for food and a place to nest so could contaminate your food or preparation areas. It is important to ensure you do not encourage ants storing food correctly.

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