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Bed bug heat treatment is the most effective and fastest way to remove small or large bed bug infestation from your home.

Typically done with one treatment and also can be done without spraying your home with chemical insecticides that may only have slight effect on the bed bugs as they have built up resistance to chemicals.

Heat treatments work by heating the whole room or multiple rooms slowly to 141 Fahrenheit. (ca. 61 degree Celsius) or above with all the contents in that bed bugs may be hiding in such as beds , books , clothes , cuppboars , boxes etc.. and circulating the heated air around the room know as aggressive air circulation with industrial sized fans and stabilizing the heat at 141 Fahrenheit for a period of time or above to ensure the heat will penetrate into the areas killing off all stages of life from eggs, nymphs, adults by dehydration caused from the long exposure from the heat.

We then have to rearrange and move some items around while its still heating to make sure there is no cold spots the bed bugs or their egg’s could be.

We use two different types of machines that are designed for heat treatments the first being large indirect diesel machine’s so the fumes stay out side and only the heated air is allowed into the property commonly used for house heat treatments.

The second is electric type run machine’s that runs off 4 plugs sockets inside the room that requires to be heated most commonly used in flats 

We are so certain our heat treatment’s work so well we give 6-months guarantee on them.

If you are unsure if a heat treatment is going to be the correct treatment for you or you do require more information get in touch with our friendly heat treatment team will talk to you about any questions you many have.

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Pest Control for Bed Bugs Stevenage
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Frequently asked Bed Bug Pest Control Questions

What are bed bugs and where do they come from?

Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) are a pest found living in our homes, usually around our bedrooms and living areas. They thrive by feeding on our blood while we sleep. Bed bugs are a stubborn and persistent pest.

How does pest control treat bed bugs?

By far, the best pest control treatment for bed bugs is Heat Treatment. This can be intrusive but also extremely effective at eradicating an infestation. Good preparation for treatment is key to its success.

How quickly can pest control remove bed bugs?

Bed Bugs can be stubborn pests but heat treatment will usually kill the bed bugs with one treatment. We offer a 6 month guarantee with our bed bug heat treatments.

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Do the Bed Bugs Die Immediately?

The Bed Bugs, their nymphs and eggs will all be killed by heat treatment. The heat causes dehydration due to prolonged exposure to a high temperature. You will see the results as the bug try to escape.

Where do Bed Bugs Come from?

Bed bugs have been around for 1000’s of years. They are thought to pre-date the dinosaurs and have evolved to survive in harsh environments which is why an infestation can be difficult to remove without the right treatment.

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

Bed Bugs feed on the blood of a host, this can be a human or our pets. They can survive for 3 months without food, however they cannot grow and pro-create without feeding and growing into an adult.

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Pest Control for Bed Bugs Stevenage

What are Bed Bugs attracted to?

Bed bugs seek food and a place to nest which is close to a food supply hence choosing our bedrooms! They are attracted via their antennae to the carbon dioxide we exhale as we provide them with the blood they need to survive.

How Do Bed Bugs get in my bedroom?

Bed bugs can travel long distances on clothing or in suitcases and bags so often hitch a ride when you stay in hotels. One of the most common ways they enter your home is through second hand furniture.

How often Do Bed Bugs feed?

Bed Bugs do not need to feed every night. They usually only feed at night when they feel it is safe to come out of their nest. On average, they will feed every 4-6 days but sometimes more often.

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