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Why are Birds Attracted to Solar Panels?

To maximize the efficiency of solar panels, it is essential to keep them clean to maintain performance. Despite your best efforts to maintain optimal conditions, birds can pose a significant problem for solar panel systems.

Birds tend to seek out locations to rest, nest, and take shelter, and your property may be their ideal spot. This can lead to an influx of birds that can quickly become a nuisance. A variety of birds, including pigeons and seagulls, can cause issues, particularly if they choose to take up residence on your roof where your solar panels are located. In such cases, implementing solar panel bird proofing measures can help alleviate the problem.

Why is Solar Panel Bird Proofing Important?

It is imperative that your solar panels remain unobstructed to operate at optimal capacity. However, the presence of bothersome birds can impede this process. These creatures are known to cause considerable damage and create unsanitary conditions, both of which can significantly reduce the output of your solar panels. Accumulations of bird droppings, nests, and feathers can obscure the surface of your solar panels, thereby limiting their efficiency.

Furthermore, solar panels are delicate and sustained weight from numerous birds can lead to costly damages. Consequently, it is prudent to take preventive measures such as implementing proofing techniques.

Birds attaracted to solar panels
Solar Panel Bird Proofing in Stevenage Hertfordshire
Solar Panel Bird Proofing in Stevenage Hertfordshire

How Do We Bird Proof Solar Panels?

We start by performing a comprehensive evaluation of your property, enabling us to analyze bird behavior, their utilization of your property, and the types of birds present.

Depending on the particular bird species, we may eliminate any existing nests from around, in close proximity, and underneath your solar panels. Once immediate concerns have been addressed, we will proceed to install appropriate solutions. With our considerable experience, we are familiar with the most effective approaches, ensuring that all work carried out will not compromise the performance of your solar panels. We utilize high-quality stainless steel solar panel bird mesh around your solar panels and employ other proofing methods, such as spikes or wire where deemed necessary, to prevent birds from returning to your property.

Attempting to tackle this on your own could negatively impact the performance of your solar panels.

How Much Does Solar Panel Proofing Cost?

The cost of solar panel bird protection work is not uniform, but we strive to offer reasonably priced services. The cost is contingent on several factors, including the size of your solar panels, the extent of the problem, and the ease of accessing your solar panels. Prior to initiating any work, we will conduct a thorough consultation, outlining all costs involved to ensure full transparency and that you are well-informed about the expenses.

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