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FurBeGone Pest Control offer Pigeon Pest Control Treatment and Pigeon Nest removal. We offer 24-hour pest control in Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth and surrounding villages. Our pest controllers will assess the pigeon infestation and make recommendations on the best course of treatment to ensure timely removal of the pigeons.

The History of Pigeons

The feral pigeon is found throughout Britain and in most regions of the world. Many people associate this bird with urban environments and as such are sometimes called the ‘town pigeon’, however they are often found in rural locations.

Historically, pigeons are descended from rock doves which explain why they often nest on buildings and other structures, usually on ledges, under eaves or under solar panels on your roof.

The feral breeding population is boosted by racing pigeons or escaped birds from domestic lofts. The peak breeding season is between March and July, but feral pigeons can breed all year round.

Pigeons tend to scavenge food, and in urban environments, they are encouraged by members of the public feeding them birdseed, bread etc.

Problems Caused by Pigeons

One of the main problems with pigeons is the unsightly mess that they cause.  However, pigeons are a more serious problem as they can carry diseases.  The dried droppings from pigeons can be inhaled as dust causing a flu like illness in healthy people and a serious health problem to those with low immunity.

If left untreated, pigeons can damage your property and attract further unwanted pests such as rats.

Pigeon Pest Control Stevenage
Pigeon Pest Control Stevenage
Pigeon on Rooftop
Pigeon on Rooftop

Identify Signs a Pigeon Problem

You may hear pigeons moving around if they have nested in your loft space. You may also see them entering and leaving, often through gaps in the eaves.

You may spot the mess they leave behind such as concentrated droppings in the areas where they roost or notice them frequently sitting in the same place on your roof or chimney.

How do We Control Pigeons?

Various methods of control for this species are allowed by law, these include all humane methods such as netting and anti-perch spikes

We would also attempt to locate the entry point and block this to avoid re-entry.

If you have any questions or are worried you may have a pigeon infestation please contact us for advice or to arrange a visit.

Pigeons on Roof Top
Pigeons Gather on Roof Top
Signs of Pigeons on Roof
Signs of Pigeons on Roof

Frequently asked Pigeon Pest Control Questions

Why are pigeons a pest?

Pigeons are pests for the many reasons. They can carry diseases and cause humans to become sick. Their faeces create an unsightly mess and is acidic meaning it can erode brickwork. Pigeons build nests in properties causing damage to buildings.

What deters pigeons from my roof or balcony?

There are many options as deterrents to pigeons however many are best carried out by professional pest control. DIY solutions include using foil plates as these reflect light and disorientate the birds.

How can I remove pigeons which have nested in my loft?

Attempting to remove nested pigeons is not recommended unless you are a pest control professional. Please contact us for advice.

Pigeon Pest Control - Pigeons of Roof
Pigeon Pest Control - Bird Spikes
Pigeon Pest Control - Falconry

What are pigeons afraid of?

Pigeons are afraid of predators such as birds of prey. Falcons or kites may consider pigeons easy prey if they are exposed. Pigeons are also deterred by some strong smells such as pepper or cinnamon.

What are pigeons attracted to?

Pigeons, like most pests are attracted to a source of food and a safe place to nest. They also like to sit on rooftops as it gives them a good view of surrounding areas so they can scope out food sources.

Why do pigeons always come into my garden?

Pigeons are often attracted to bird feeders in your garden. They also feed off of certain types of plants and leaves.

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