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FurBeGone Pest Control offer Mice Pest Control and removal of mice. We offer 24 hour pest control for covering Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth and surrounding villages. We will asses the severity of your mouse infestation and offer advice and recommend the appropriate treatment.

The History of Mice

Mice are thought to have originated in Central Asia and have been reportedly found in this country as early as the 9th Century. As agricultural practices improved man’s harvests, the need for greater storage facilities were created thus providing more food and nesting sites for mice and rats.

House mice will drink water if available but can survive on food with a moisture content of 15%. Mice will eat almost anything they find in a house.

Problems Caused by Mice

The most common problems come from the common House Mouse. As well as spreading disease, contaminating food and water, mice are also destructive to property and will chew on almost anything.

Identifying Signs of a Mouse problem

In the home you will usually find mice in the kitchen, under cupboards, behind fridges and appliances, behind bath panels, under stairs and behind boilers or inside airing cupboards, although they can get into most places within the home.

Most commonly you will either hear them scratching or spot signs of mouse droppings first, which look like tiny brown pellets. You will often see signs of the damage they leave behind where they have chewed through things, often food containers.

Mouse tend to be more active after dark, so you may spot them scurrying between hiding places.

Mouse infestation being treated with poison
Rodent Poison
Mouse in Tiny Gap
Mouse in Tiny Gap

How Mice Get Into Your Home

Although they look big, mice are capable of squeezing through very small holes or cracks within walls or between window frames. It is said that a mouse can squeeze its body through a hole as small as 1cm.

Mice can also climb very well so may enter through gaps in facias, although most common points of entry are low down around shin height.

Treatment of a Mice Infestation

There are a few different methods for getting rid of mice. The method used will depend on the severity and location of the infestation. Your pest controller will be able to offer the best advice once an assessment has been carried out.

If you have any questions or are worried you may have a mouse infestation please contact us for advice or to arrange a visit.

Mouse Eating Seed
Mouse Eating Seed
Mouse Infestation being treated with poison blocks
Poison Blocks

Frequently asked Mice Pest Control Questions

How can I tell if I have Mice?

The main sign of mice is their droppings. Mice defecate continually and leave a trail of small pellet like poo. You may hear a scratching sound in your walls, often at night. If mice gain access to your loft you will hear their footprints or scratching.

How do you get rid of Mice?

The method used for removal of mice will depend on the of the infestation. Your pest controller will be able to advise the best course of action which may be traps or poison depending on their location within your home.

How Do Mice Get into my property?

Mice are capable of squeezing through tiny holes or cracks in brickwork or between facias. A mouse can squeeze its body through a hole the size of less than 1cm. It is often said that they can squeeze through the hole the size of a pen.


What Attracts Mice?

Mice are usually looking for food, warmth, and a safe place to build a nest. They will collect and store food to keep them going through winter. They have a good sense of smell and very sensitive whiskers which they use to detect food.

Can You Get Rid of Mice Permanently?

It can never be guaranteed that other mice will not enter your property at a later date, but part of our process includes locating and blocking possible entry points the mice have used.

Can I get sick from Mice?

Mice can carry disease such as HPS, Leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague, and typhus. It is important that after treatment, you clean the area thoroughly using anti-bacterial cleaner or a mixture of bleach and water.

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