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How do you keep rats from coming up your drains?

Pest Control Stevenage - Non Return Valves fitted to Stop Rats

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Believe it or not, rats can enter your home through the sewer system and up through your toilet! Although, not very common, it does happen and it can be very unpleasant!

Rats want to enter your home in search of food or a place to shelter from the cold and will find their way in however they can!

How can you stop rats from coming in through the sewers?

This problem is best addressed by installing non-return valves. These are flaps which only open in one direction to allow waste to flow but cannot be opened the other way. This stops rats from coming up the pipe any further. They are usually made from steel so they cannot be chewed.

Sewer showing Non Return Valves to Stop Rats coming up your drains

How can you get non return valves fitted?

If you are experiencing problems with rats, contact a professional pest controller who can fit non return valves to your drains and put an end to this problem. They are in-expensive and can be fitted within a few hours.

Pest control can also remove unwanted nests or set traps for rats if they are still within your property.

These methods should eradicate the problem and prevent future rat infestations.

Close-up of Non Return Valves to Stop Rats coming up through the sewers

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