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Preparation for Pests is Best

Winter Pest Preparation - Repari missing mortar in brickwork

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Finding a wasps nest in your loft or seeing a mouse scurry across your kitchen can be very distressing. We often think that if we find pests in our house that we are dirty and become embarrassed.

Pests are opportunists and will take advantage of any weaknesses in our property such as holes or cracks in brickwork, gaps around windows or damaged facia boards. These are their opportunity to get inside where they can look for food and shelter.

If you find a mouse or even worse, a rat in your house, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is dirty, but it does mean you have a weakness that the rodents have exploited.

Before this happens, you should consider checking your property for weaknesses to prevent pest infestations.

It can be almost impossible to block up every tiny hole, so you should focus your energy on larger holes, gaps or crack first as these will be the primary target for rodents. For most holes, you can simply use an external silicone sealant to fill them, once dry this forms a waterproof and pest proof seal.

For larger cracks and gaps you could use some wire wool, which rodents do not like and will not squeeze through. Alternatively seek advice or help from a professional to seal up the gaps.

Mouse inside house
Mouse inside house

Why do Pests Want to Get in to Your Property?

All pests are essentially looking for the same thing, shelter and somewhere to build a nest, or a source of food. We can deter pests by taking care of the way we live. Rodents will be attracted to food waste, even the smallest of crumbs will prove attractive for a hungry mouse, so be vigilant with your cleaning and make sure your bins are kept tidy with a tightly sealed lid.

Bird feeders often initially attract rats to your garden as they scavenge for the seed birds have knocked onto the floor. If this provides a constant source of food, they may look for shelter nearby in your outbuildings or under your decking.

Pest Control Poison Trap
Pest Control for Rodents using a Poison Trap

What Should You Do If You Find a Rat or a Mouse?

If all your efforts fail and you find yourself with a pest problem, you can contact a professional pest controller to remove the pests quickly and efficiently.

FurBeGone Pest Control in Stevenage provide pest control for a range of pests, from wasp nest removal to squirrels and pigeons. We also offer bird nest removal and bird guano clean-up.

Contacting Pest Control

FurBeGone Pest Control offer a free survey before, and treatment is undertaken. We cover StevenageLetchworthHitchin, and surrounding villages and treat all types of pests including insects, rodents and wildlife. We are also bed bug specialists and provide 100% guarantee on our treatments.

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