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Bait Boxes for Rats Installed at a Property in Stevenage

Furbegone Pest Control Stevenage - Rat Bait Box

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Installing bait boxes for rats and mice is an effective way to prevent infestations of rodents in and around your home. Bait boxes are used commercially too as they provide protection to offices and warehouses from rodents.

Furbegone Pest Control Stevenage - Rat Bait Box Outside House
Furbegone Pest Control Stevenage – Rat Bait Box Outside House

Bait Boxes and Types of Bait

Installing bait boxes for rats should be done by a pest control professional as it is important that they are installed in the correct locations, secured in position and regularly maintained. There are different types of bait which can be used including grain, paste and blocks. The correct bait should be selected based on the type of rodents you are dealing with.

Maintaining Bait Boxes

Maintaining bait boxes includes keeping them clean and accesible, but most importantly checking and replenishing the bait. Sometime moisture can get into the boxes and cause the bait to go mouldy, making it unattractive to the pests.

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