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Environmental Clean-up of Fox Faeces

Pest Control Stevenage - Fox_Mess

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Foxes have become a significant pest problem in towns and cities due to built up areas providing a steady supply of food from our rubbish bins and poorly managed waste disposal facilities.

Foxes have been known to attack and kill small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens.

They’re digging can destroy our gardens and their frequent defecating and bin raiding cause nuisance and unwanted mess.

We were called to a house in Stevenage where the owner had been away for a month. A fox had entered the property through a cat flap and caused absolute mayhem.

The fox had defecated everywhere and left the owner with a horrendous mess which needed cleaning up.

Fox Faeces on the floor in a flat in Stevenage

If you haven’t experience it, fox poo has a very strong distinctive musky smell which can be hard to remove.

There is a possible risk of human infection with Salmonella /Campylobacter/E. coli via contact with fox faeces so strict hygiene procedures should be followed.

Mess made by a fox in Stevenage
Flat in Stevenage after Clean-up had taken place
Flat in Stevenage after Clean-up

Foxes cannot be killed in the same way as other pests, in fact the only real method of control is to trap them using a cage trap.

Generally, we would recommend leaving foxes alone, and only using pest control as a last resort.

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