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How Can You Stop Mice Getting into Your House?


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During the winter months, mice are common pests as they come inside our homes to find food and warmth. Although they might seem harmless, mice can spread diseases and cause damage to your property.

How to spot the signs of mice

It’s not always easy to spot the signs of mice especially as they usually only come out of hiding at night-time in search of food.

Short of seeing a mouse dart across the floor, or hearing scratching noises which may alert you to their presence, physical signs you should look out for are:

Droppings – these are about the size of a grain of rice and dark coloured.

Damage to bags or packaging – mice will often chew holes in bags of food or possibly shred items which they can use for bedding.

Smell – mice urinate regularly so a strong mell of ammonia can give away their presence.

How to protect your house from mice

Block entry points

Mice can fit through tiny holes, the general rule is that if you can fit a pen through a hole, a mouse can also fit through. Scan the brickwork of your house to look for possible entry points and fill them using wire wool, silicone sealant or caulk. You could also buy sheets of fine mesh for larger holes. You should also check around windows for cracks or gaps and seal these up too.

Hide food away

Keep dried food such as rice and pasta in glass jars or sealed plastic containers. Keep these inside cupboards and away from the floor. Pet food attracts mice as it has a strong smell so keep this in a food bin.

Tidy up food waste

Ensure food waste is put in the bin, do not leave crumbs on the worktop or floor, these can all attract mice.

Use smell

There are some smells which mice do not like such as peppermint. Use something with a strong smell to deter mice by causing irritation to them.  

If all deterrents fail what should you do?

If your efforts fail and you still find yourself with a mice infestation swift action is essential to avoid becoming overrun by a colony. At this point it would be best to contact a professional pest controller who will have knowledge of dealing with such infestations.

They will carry out an assessment of the infestation and provide advice on the best course of action to remove the infestation. Unfortunately, none of the solutions are instant and may require multiple visits over the course of a week or two but by using a professional you can be guaranteed that the mice infestation will be removed.

How Can I Book a Pest Control Treatment for Mice?

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