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Using Bait Boxes to Control Rodents

FurBeGone Pest Control Rat and Mouse Bait Boxes

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Bait boxes are a great way of dealing with rodents around your property. Rats and mice will often trawl the outside of buildings looking for food and shelter. Bait boxes are small plastic boxes which can be filled with poison blocks or pellets.

How do Bait Boxes Work?

Rodents looking for food, will be attracted by the smell of the food, they crawl inside a tube where they can take the bait. The boxes come in two sizes with smaller ones used for mice and larger ones used for rats.

The entry points are small, ensruing other animals will not be affercted by the poison.

Bait box being set using poison pellets

Why Must Rats and Mice be Controlled?

Rodent infestations must be taken seriously due to the numerous hazards they pose. Rats can transmit dangerous diseases such as Salmonella and Weil’s disease, contaminate food, cause property damage by gnawing on furniture and electrical cables, and disrupt utility services.

To give you more insight into why rats must be controlled, let’s delve deeper into the various types of damage rats can inflict on people and their property:

Disease Transmission: Rats are known carriers of dangerous diseases. They can transmit Salmonella (causing food poisoning) and Weil’s disease, which is a serious infection that can be fatal for humans.

Food Contamination: Rats feed on human food sources and can contaminate food, water, and cooking surfaces, posing health risks.

Property Damage: Rats are notorious for their gnawing habits. They can damage furniture, water pipes, and electrical cables, potentially leading to electrical fire hazards.

Disruption of Services: Rats’ gnawing habits have been known to disturb important utility services, like power supplies, or affect traffic light systems.

While this list doesn’t fully cover the possible consequences of a rat infestation, it underscores the importance of immediate action when you notice the first signs of rodents.

Bait box being set using poison blocks

How to Book a Pest Control Treatment for Rats or Mice?

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