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When is Wasp season in the UK?

Inside a Wasps Nest

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Although we all consider wasps a pest, they are contribute significantly to our eco system. Wasps stings can be very painful and in groups they can become dangerous to homeowners who accidentally disturb their nests.

April is when wasps season typically begins in the UK and it tends to last until September. They are most active between June and August and this is what we would consider peak season and during this time colonies of wasps can be difficult to eradicate.

Wasps enjoy warmer weather and usually die off at autumn time when the queen will leave the nest and hibernate during winter, re-emerging in the spring to build a new nest and form a new colony.

During April and May, the queen will come out of hibernation and look for new locations to build a newst. They will lay eggs in their chosen location. The eggs will hatch into worker wasps, drones and new queen wasps who will leave and set-up their own nests.

In June and July the workers will search for food and this is when they are probably at their most dangerous for homeowners as they enter buildings and a wasps attack becomes more likely.

During August and September the wasps will leave their nest as they have completed their task of building a nest and ensuring the queen has survived.

In September workers may search for food for hibernating queens and at this point they can also become aggressive.

As the temperature drops, the workers and drones will die off while the queen hibernates for the winter.

Wasp close-up
Wasp close-up

When are Wasps nests safe to remove?

Usually when the weather gets cold and reaches zero degrees Celsius the remaining wasps will die and the nest will be safe to remove.

Should you remove the nest yourself?

You can remove a wasps nest yourself, however it is not recommended unless you are completely sure it is empty. A professional pest controller will have the protective equipment required to safely remove a wasps nest therefore it is usually recommended to contact pest control if you have a wasp nest in your property.

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