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Should I Call Pest Control of Do It Myself?

Wasp Nest Stevenage

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Pest control is big business but there are also many over the counter remedies available at DIY stores across the country so should you call pest control or do it yourself?

Why Do We Need to Deal with Pests?

There are many pests which the spread of disease and cause misery for homeowners and business owners. Pest infestations can cause restaurants or hotels to get a bad reputation and causing serious damage to profits.

For homeowners, many pests cause damage to electrics, walls, roof tiles and loft areas before they are even noticed. They can also be a cause of disturbance in the home as they move around between walls, under kitchen units or in our loft spaces.

Which Pests Are the Worst?

All pests cause grief and anxiety among us for different reasons. Some may consider Mice the worst where others may think a Wasps nest is the worst.

Rodents such as Mice and Rats are dirty and spread disease. They also tend to access our food resources contaminating our food and water. They will also chew on anything causing damage wherever they go. Rats can be particularly hard to remove as they are very clever and are rarely scared of humans.

Wasps or Hornets cause problems as they can infest our homes and nest within our walls or loft spaces. Damage can occur to your property if the nest becomes damp which could spread to other parts of your property. They can also become aggressive and have a nasty sting which can cause serious side effects for some.

Squirrels can enter our homes and set-up nest in our loft spaces, often destroying insulation, chewing wires and wood. Squirrels are probably capable of causing the most damage if un-noticed and they can also contaminate water tanks with urine or droppings.

Pigeons tend to be more of an external pest, causing unsightly mess and damage. They also carry disease and attract other unwanted pests such as rats.

Many insects can cause problems too such as ants, flies, fleas and bed bugs and all of these can all be stressful and spread within our homes.

How Much Does Pest Extermination Cost?

The cost of pest control varies as it will depend on several factors. If you think you have a pest problem, the sooner you contact pest control the easier the treatment will be.

We never recommend leaving it which is why many pest controllers offer a 24 hour call out.

There are many different chemicals which a pest controller will use but before deciding which will be most effective, the severity of the problem must be assessed as well as considering other factors such as access and whether you have pets or young children who may interfere with the chemicals.

Your pest controller may also be able to offer humane solutions for pests such as mice or rats if you prefer but these can sometimes be less effective.

Some pests may also require multiple visits to re-apply chemicals or to remove deceased pests or nests.

It is important that this I done correctly to avoid spreading disease or re-infestaion.

Is Pest Control Really Worth It?

As previously mentioned, there are over the counter solutions available to treat most pests, from insecticides for Wasps to traps or poisons for mice and rats. Unfortunately, many of these solutions are ineffective and can cause problems to worsen.

Pest controllers have access to chemicals and insecticides which are much stronger and far more effective at dealing with pests. They also have a wealth of knowledge and experience at dealing with pests on a day-to-day basis.

Pest controllers provide a full service, not just removing the pest but ensuring that the remains are removed and that access points are blocked to avoid re-infestation wherever possible.

Many pest controllers also offer a guarantee with their treatment meaning you will have peace of mind.

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