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How Do Pest Control Deal with Insect Infestations?

Insect Treatment

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Insects can be stubborn pests due to their size and ability to hide. Many are hard to spot until the infestation has taken hold.

There are many different treatment options available to pest controllers who have access to high strength chemicals which are not available to the public.

Although using insecticide may not always be the most environmentally friendly approach, it is often the only way these pests can be dealt with. Other options include heat treatment which is a fairly new treatment and now commonly used for the treatment of bed bugs, fleas, and moths.

Here we look at the types of insect infestations commonly found at business and residential properties.

Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Bed Bugs and their Treatment

Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) are a usually found living our bedrooms or living areas. They feed on humans and sometimes our pets by biting us and sucking our blood.

Bed bugs have been around for 1000’s of years and an infestation can be difficult to remove without the right treatment.

We promote heat treatment for bed bugs as this is by far the most effective way to kill them and esure they do not return.

Read more about bed bug treatment here: https://furbegonepestcontrol.co.uk/heat-treatments-stevenage

Wasp begining of a nest
Wasp nest

Wasps and Wasps Nest Treatment

Wasps nests are often hidden, and wasps can enter your home through tiny holes in brickwork or or cracks around window frames.

They usually start building their nests in spring and in summer, the nest will grow starting around the size of a golf ball and sometimes growing to the size of a football.

To treat a wasps nest, we will usually apply insecticide near the nest entrance. The wasps spread the poison to the colony and after a few days the wasps will die.

Read more about wasps pest control here: https://furbegonepestcontrol.co.uk/wasp-pest-control-stevenage

Pest Control for Fly Infestation in Stevenage
Fly on Food

Flies and Fly Treatment

Some flies carry disease causing organisms. They feed on our waste and can spread disease to our food when they land on it. Their feeding process means they defecate and regurgitate meaning they can spread disease causing pathogens onto our food.

We should check for entry points to discourage flies from entering our property using fly screens to discourage them.

Ensure rubbish is covered and not accessible for flies to feed and breed on. It should also be kept away from doors and windows.

Read more about flies and treatment for flies here: https://furbegonepestcontrol.co.uk/pest-control-for-flies

Flea Closeup - Pest Control Stevenage
Flea Closeup

Fleas and Flea Treatment

A common sign that you have a flea infestation is your pet scratching. You can look for signs of fleas on your pet by using a flea comb. Look closely in good light and you may see live fleas running around or find black specs of flea dirt in their fur.

Fleas can also bit humans, so you may also experience bites on your skin which leave a small red dot and can become itchy.

The quickest and most effective way to remove it is by contacting your local pest controller. Pest control have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with all sorts of pests and can access professional grade insecticides which are not available to the public. You will also need to treat your pet regularly with a good fleas control treatment.

Read more about fleas and treatment for fleas here: https://furbegonepestcontrol.co.uk/pest-control-for-fleas

Larder Beetle Pest Control Stevenage
Larder Beetle

Beetle Treatment

Many of the 300,000 species of beetle are harmless and not considered to be pests.

The main types of beetle which cause problems and will require treatment are: Carpet Beetles, Larder Beetles and Wood Boring Beetles (or woodworm).

Treatment for beetles is usually chemical based spraying to kill the pupae and adult beetles.

Read more about beetles and treatment for them here: https://furbegonepestcontrol.co.uk/beetle-pest-control

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