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How Do Pest Control Deal with a Bees Nest?

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The first thing to think about is whether bees should be considered a pest. Bees provide a vital service to us as they pollenate plants which provide us with food. One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depend on bees to pollinate it. With bee numbers in decline, it is important that bees are respected and preserved wherever possible. 

Many would consider a bee a pest, and rightly so as they can cause a nasty sting and sometimes a bad reaction which can be severe in a small number of cases. If your property is plagued with bees whether in a swarm or a nest, you will understandably want them removed.

How to Identify different Types of Bees

Believe it or not, many people get wasps and bees confused. There are many varieties of bees, and some do look similar to wasps leading to confusion over which are which.

The most common type of bee in the UK are Bumble Bees and Honey Bees. 

What Do Bumble Bees Look Like?

Bumble Bees are generally easy to identify as they are what we would typically expect a bee to look like. They are large and hairy and quite often create a loud buzz as they fly near to us. Bumble bees tend to be the better pollinators as they are fast workers and due to their size can carry larger loads.

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Bees Nest

What Do Honey Bees Look Like?

Honey Bees are much smaller that Bumble Bees and look much more like wasps. They are smaller bodied and have a similar yellow colouring to wasps. Honeybees communicate with each other through dance to let others know which areas are rich with pollen.

Identifying a Bees Nest

Bumble Bees build their nests using things like leaves, grass and bark which they can gather and stick together using wax. They often nest close to ground level and under things like decking or sheds. They are often hard to spot as they are hidden from sight but will be noticed when bees are frequently seen entering and exiting the nest.

Honey Bees build nests similar to those of wasps with hexagonal structures in which to store their honey. They will often be located higher up under eves of buildings or in roof areas of outbuildings.

One other bee which you may spot, are mining bees. Mining bees nest underground in mounds of soil. You may spot them on the ground or coming out of small mounds of earth similar to ants nests.

Pest Control Bee on Flower
Bee on Flower

Call Pest Control for Bee Treatment or Removal of a Nest

If you find a nest or suspect you have a nest, it is advisable to get expert advice from pest control. Do not get too close or disturb the nest as bees will sting if they feel threatened.

Pest control will be able to identify the type of bee infestation and offer expert advice on the best course of action to remove them.

Contacting Pest Control

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